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  • "If you or any female you know wears a police style uniform you need to contact this business. Made to fit and function for serious job needs. Available across the country for individuals or entire departments. Worked 25 years in ill fitting pants designed for male bodies and just as I was retiring I discovered this gem!"
    Officer Mary
  • "Love these pants are amazingly comfortable and the fit is awesome"
    Dispatcher Dawn
  • "These pants are a game changer for women! Nobody before has offered pants in three different cuts based on women’s body types. Comfortable, durable, and sharp looking! FINALLY something for us lady cops."
    Officer Anne
  • "Let me first just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants! Both pair fit so well, and I love the stretch in the pants and in the waist! I’m actually gonna keep the second pair because although looser, they still fit so much better than the man pants disguised as women’s pants from Blauer. I am confident that I will not be blowing out the crotch in these like I did the last million other pants I’ve had over the last 14 years. Getting into the SUV squad cars is the worst because of how high you have to get your leg up. I have destroyed four pairs of pants at the crotch because they were so far below my actual crotch. All that to say that this product is fantastic (and worth the extra couple of days wait). Feel free to use any part of this email in a testimonial. I’ll be preaching that HBWU gospel to any lady cop who will listen."
    Officer Grace
  • "Finally a pair of pants that ACTUALLY fit!"
    Officer Michquel
  • "I can’t believe how well they fit! There’s no pulling! I’m still getting used to them but they’re wonderful!"
    Officer Beckie